sea bird

gold the light strikes them. on the white places where the water rests as in a goblet on waxy feathers

crawing against the incoming tide, the setting sun, the abundance of human flesh littering the creamy dunes

human-kind rinses itself in the ocean

the birds caw above, and dive to throw their heads beneath. white into white. pink beaks gulping tiny shimmering scales.

on the beach a man past his prime pulls himself into the surf, against the current. his heart pounds loudly. the waves crash around him and he shivers at their tenacity. his tenacity. to be here, among them. he is afraid of being swept out, so careful to maintain a foothold. but the sand slips. no sooner can he place a foot than the grains rush away beneath it, dust. he is on his back floating. the light seems to tickle him. giggling.