About Charlotte

Charlotte O’Neill is a published author as well as an English teacher. She is creative and writes with flair and universal appeal, and is meticulous about grammar and expression. Charlotte has written creative work for agencies like Wallcandy Co (a stunning online agency), as well as run beautiful blogs and websites such as Vanessa Megan (Organic Skincare)’s online presence. She edits thoroughly, and can edit and develop larger works.

Charlotte was the editor of best-selling vegan cookbook ‘Model Chocolate’ which sold out overnight in 2014. She has written travel articles and travel based copy for websites such as the Outbound Collective (USA) and We Are Explorers (Aus). Charlotte also writes op-ed’s for Elephant Journal, a large online journal with over 1 million readers. She has recently begun a Master of Creative Writing by research at the University of Newcastle and has worked on research papers in English, film and media, and History.

You can take a look at her own blog for examples of creative work such as poetry and content, as well as her Instagram for an example of her creative direction for photoshoots. Charlotte has worked for Jeep Australia, Tree of Life (clothing), August the Label, Spell, the Outbound Collective, We Are Explorers, as well as many other lifestyle and fashion brands to create beautiful written content for their blogs and websites.

Charlotte is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis.

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